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If you are interested in a mediated divorce in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, the divorce attorneys at Klein Law Group can help.  In a mediated divorce, the parties communicate and negotiate with one another in conjunction with a neutral mediator in order to come to agreement on the terms such as division of assets, liabilities, spousal support, child custody (timesharing), and child support, if applicable.

Divorce mediation is coordinated by a neutral third party who meets with both parties to try to bring them to a compromise on the issues related to ending the marriage.  The mediator may meet with the parties together or separately, and a divorce attorney should be present as well if the parties agree to their presence (but an attorney cannot represent both sides).  If both parties agree on all issues during  mediation, a mediated settlement agreement is drawn up.  An attorney will then bring the settlement agreement before the court to finalize the divorce (a mediator will not present the settlement agreement to a judge in court).

If you are facing divorce and are looking to get through the process in a less traumatic and more amicable way, then mediated should be your goal.  The attorneys at Klein Law Group can represent you during a mediated divorce in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, or if you prefer to go through the process without a attorney present, we can point you in the right direction.  Even if you do not retain the services of an attorney during the negotiation process, it is useful to meet with an experienced attorney that can provide you with solid legal guidance to ensure that you are not giving up important rights.  We can also draw up or review the mediated settlement agreement and parenting plan created once mediation has concluded.

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If you are located in the South Florida area, we offer free consultations in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.  During your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, you can get more information about the process and ask questions that are specific to your case.  We can help you determine if a mediated divorce is in your best interests.

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Florida Mediated Divorce FAQs

During divorce mediation, both parties meet with a neutral third-party to facilitate negotiations in order for them to reach a settlement. A mediator works to keep emotions and tempers in check, creating an atmosphere of communication and respect. The mediator does not support either side and cannot force either party to agree to anything, but will try to foster a sense of cooperation and will work to temper each party’s demands and expectations so they are more realistic. They may meet with both parties together or separately and will explain relevant legal procedures and timelines that must be followed in the process. If divorce mediation results in agreement on all issues, a marital settlement agreement is drawn up (as well as a parenting plan if children are involved), and all paperwork is presented during a short court hearing before a judge to be finalized.
If parties are willing to work together to come to a mutually agreeable resolution, a mediated divorce can be a much less stressful and less traumatic way to end a marriage.  Some of the benefits to mediated divorce include:

Reduction of fighting and confrontation between spouses in front of children, family and friends

Lower costs and expenses than a divorce requiring prolonged litigation (such as in a contested)

Creation of a collaborative environment focused on compromise and rebuilding lives, rather than vindictiveness and trying to hurt one another

Better assessment of what is realistic when it comes to demands and expectations by each party.  A mediator can provide insight as to what might be considered a realistic settlement by a judge if the case went to trial

Maintenance of control over negotiations, with neither party being forced to accept an unsatisfactory settlement due to pressure created by litigators or a final resolution by a judge

Yes. In a mediated divorce, both parties agree to meet with a neutral, third-party mediator that works together with the couple to help them come to an agreement based on compromise and communication. If mediation is successful, it leads to an uncontested divorce. A divorce that is uncontested, however, does not require mediation; agreement between parties may be reached on their own without the use of a mediator. It is recommended that a attorney draw up or review the marital settlement agreement, parenting plan and any other required paperwork in a mediated or uncontested divorce to ensure that all paperwork is properly worded, procedures are correctly followed, and the best interests of each party are protected.
In many cases, couples choose to meet with a mediator on their own, without the involvement of divorce attorneys. However, even if both parties decide to use the services of an attorney, the parties can meet with a mediator along with their attorneys in an attempt to come to a swifter and less stressful resolution. A divorce lawyer cannot represent both individuals at the same time, but lawyers can be part of the mediation process. In a contested divorce, a judge may order both parties to attend mediation along with their lawyers to try to bring them closer to a settlement.
If mediation is successful, divorce attorneys can draw up or review the marital settlement agreement to ensure that the best interests and rights of their client have been represented. Attorneys can also provide legal guidance, information and support to individuals that are considering mediation.
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