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What is a Business Valuation in The Divorce Process?


Dividing marital assets is a big factor during a divorce proceeding. Often these assets will include bank accounts, property, and valuables, but if at least one spouse also owned owns a company or business, that must also be taken into account.

Before a divorce can proceed, an attorney must evaluate all your assets of the marital estate, often conducting a business valuation to determine the value of the business. An experienced attorney who handles professional divorce like Klein Law Group is needed here, as determining the value of a business is a complex process.


Factors Considered in a Business Valuation

  • The current market value of the business
  • The reputation of the company or business
  • The years it has been operable and profitable
  • Its’ future earning potential
  • Investments into the company by one, or both, spouses

Once the valuation is determined, the attorneys at Klein Law Group will work closely with our network of expert tax professionals and accountants to determine what the company is truly worth and how much of it will be included within the marital estate as an asset in your divorce proceedings.

We understand that this process can be difficult for a business owner or investor, but knowing the value will help you determine the future of the company. Our experienced divorce attorneys will work hard to fight for your business and the hard work you have put into it, helping you make the best financial decision regarding your divorce and marital assets.



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