Asset Characterization

Asset Characterization in the Divorce Process

When divorce proceedings begin, one of the first things that must be determined is what assets are being split. Often, the only assets that can be included in the divorce are those that are considered marital assets. But what exactly constitutes an asset of the marriage?


What Are Marital Assets?

A marital asset is an asset that was acquired during the marriage. If there was property bought by one spouse before the marriage or an inheritance that is coming after the marriage, these assets will generally not be included in the estate and not able to be divided between spouses. Often, though, this is not so black and white.

An experienced divorce attorney will help you determine which marital assets are subject to division. Common assets that we look at include:

  • Real estate
  • Property acquired before and during the marriage
  • Professional practices
  • Investments and bank accounts
  • Businesses
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Inheritances

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