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If you are buying or selling real estate in Florida, then hiring the Klein Law Group is important to protect you and your investment. Transferring real estate involves many moving parts, including title research, association approval, taxes, home inspectors, lenders, and real estate agents. The initial contract usually contains a timetable of events and contingencies that govern “what if” scenarios. What if a home has hidden water damage? What if there is a problem with the title? What if the seller has a better offer? What if deadlines are not met? Having an attorney through this process is critical to protecting your rights and your peace of mind.

The attorneys at Klein Law Group have handled hundreds of real estate transactions. Our experience ranges from first time home buyers and people moving from out-of-state to multi-property owning investors and pre-construction sales. We have handled transactions involving single-family homes, townhomes, multi-unit developments, condominiums, and co-operatives.

Unlike other law firms, our attorneys are also litigators, meaning we go to court when things go wrong. This means we have real-world experience on how deals fall apart and what is important to keep all the moving parts well-oiled and working together. We can bring everyone together to close the deal or advise you when it is best to walk away.

At Klein Law Group, your satisfaction is our goal. This means your attorney will personally return all calls, you will receive a timely response, and you will be informed of all developments. If you are considering buying or selling, or have already entered into a contract, then you need an attorney at Klein Law Group to give you level-headed and honest advice.

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