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Handling South Florida Title Disputes

Our real estate lawyers have extensive experience resolving title disputes. A title is a person or company’s ownership of commercial or residential real estate. The value of the property depends on whether they can transfer title freely without encumbrances. Since this is often the most expensive asset someone will own in their lifetime, they need a knowledgeable and experienced group of attorneys to represent their interests.

Not all encumbrances are bad, for example, they may include your mortgage lender, utility company or homeowner’s association. However, sometimes they are unexpected and unwanted, like mechanics’ liens, city or county code violations, incorrect legal descriptions, boundary disputes, and ownership disputes. These create a “cloud on title” that negatively impact the value of your property.

Whether you own commercial or residential property, we have handled a wide range of title disputes. Our experience ranges from code violations and permitting issues to boundary and co-ownership disputes. Our success comes from understanding our client’s goals and finding creative solutions to solve problems. This may include face-to-face meetings with county administrators, locating prior property owners, or negotiating with lienholders.

Our litigation team may advise you the best way to resolve your problem is to file a lawsuit. This could be a lawsuit to quiet title and remove liens or correct legal description, partition to deal with a co-owner dispute, ejectment to establish your superior right to title, or slander of title to seek damage against intentional wrongdoers. With Klein Law Group on your side, you have an arsenal of options and experience to solve your title dispute.

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