Parental Alienation

What is Parental Alienation?

When we say parental alienation, this refers to calculated, planned and malicious steps a parent takes to isolate a child or children from the other parent. By using words and actions, this is meant to create division, estrangement and hostility between the child and a parent.

Parental alienation can take several forms:

1. Disparagement

This is the starting point of alienation where a parent begins to share negative comments about the other party. This happens when a parent begins to insult, scorn or speak negatively of the other parent in front of the child. Grandparents, siblings and other family members can also become a vehicle of disparagement.

2. Undermining Authority

This happens when one parent influences the children to believe that the other parent’s authority is not important and should be disregarded.

3. Parental Substitution

As the name suggests, this happens when one spouse attempts to replace a parent with another figure in their life, therefore making an implication that someone other than the child’s parent is really the parental figure.


Why Does Parental Alienation Happen?

In the midst of a bitter battle between spouses, children are often left in the middle of it all. The problem with this is that the children end up being the pawn in a vicious fight. They can be manipulated or made into thinking that one of their parents is the “bad one” and they must stop talking to him or her. Parents who believe they are the victims of parental alienation should enlist the help of an experienced Family Law Attorney.


How To Get Help For Parental Alienation?

Getting the services of a parental alienation attorney is first and foremost about protecting your children. If you fear that your former spouse has manipulated your child into cutting ties with you, contacting a lawyer is the best way for you to protect your child and establish your role as a parent. Do not let your child be manipulated into a situation that you know isn’t true.


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