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Property Buyer Legal Representation in South Florida

If you are buying a home in Florida, then hiring the Klein Law Group is important to protecting you and your investment. Transferring real estate involves many moving parts, including title review, association approval, taxes, home inspection, lenders, and real estate agents. There are also the dreaded “what if” scenarios: What if the home has hidden water damage? What if there is a problem with title? What if the seller has a better offer? What if deadlines are not met? Any misstep could end up costing you the home, your deposit, and legal fees. You need an attorney to protect you through this process.

Not only to ensure there are no problems, but also to get you everything that you deserve. We thoroughly evaluate every transaction to maximize your benefits. A real estate attorney can negotiate to lower the purchase price or include new appliances, furniture, repairs, credits, etc. For instance, closing costs can be significant and negotiating them to be paid by the seller can save you thousands of dollars.

The earlier you decide to use an attorney the more we can do to protect and maximize your new home. Many of our clients decide to hire us before they find the right home. This ensures we take full advantage of the contract negotiations. You are on the right foot straight from the beginning. Otherwise, you may lose important protections and benefits without knowing.


Importance of Legal Representation for Pre-construction Purchases

Preconstruction purchases can be particularly complicated. They can add multiple deposits, design changes, build deadlines, and layers of risk to an already complicated real estate transaction. While pre-construction can often be a good deal, you must also understand the risks to maximize your investment. Often these contracts protect the developer by limiting your rights. They are intentionally vague as to what you are purchasing and when it will be delivered. The attorneys at Klein Law Group can reduce your risk while also maximizing your amenities.


Extensive Experience with Real Estate Transactions

The attorneys at Klein Law Group have handled thousands of real estate transactions. From multi-million dollar investors to first time home buyers. Unlike other law firms, our attorneys are also litigators. This means we have real world experience on how deals fall apart and what happens when things go wrong. We can bring everyone together to close the deal, or advise you when to walk away.

We have handled transactions involving single-family homes, townhomes, multi-unit developments, condominiums, and co-operatives. This experience particularly important for people moving into Florida. There are many nuances and rules that govern property ownership. For example, some associations prohibit renting during the first year of ownership. Having this experience means Klein Law Group can prevent you from unwittingly stepping into a disaster. In addition, having someone physically located in Florida to protect and manage your interests is crucial.


If you are buying a home in Florida, then you need an attorney at Klein Law Group to minimize your risk and maximize your purchase. To set up a consultation and speak with a Real Estate Attorney that’s ready to protect your investments, call us today at 561-353-2800.

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