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Working in a high-level position such as a business executive, doctor or attorney is a dignified and gratifying career. Unfortunately, though, these high-stress, long-hour occupations can also cause a strain on a marriage. Often, high-level professionals work long hours for little pay knowing that eventually, they will have the training, skills, knowledge and experience to earn higher salaries. Consequently, when a high-level professional gets divorced, it can be a bit more complicated than a standard divorce.

At Klein Law Group, we know what it takes to ensure your professional divorce is handled smoothly. We take into account your busy, often non-traditional working hours and will work around your schedule to get you the information you need. The biggest issue with a professional divorce is often alimony payments. Our experienced divorce attorneys will work with you, whether there was a prenuptial agreement or not, to ensure the best possible outcome.

We are also aware that many professionals may be facing issues like student loan payments, disproportionate incomes, child custody, tax problems post-divorce and more. With over 65 combined years of legal experience, our attorneys will ensure that all of these issues are handled quickly and smoothly.

The attorneys at Klein Law Group know what it takes to create a streamlined divorce process for you, all while keeping matters discrete and out of the public eye.


The Professional Divorce Attorneys at Klein Law Group are ready to fight for your rights during and after a divorce.  For more information about a professional divorce, contact Klein Law Group at 561-353-2800 to set up a free consultation today.

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