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In Florida, paternity is established in one of two ways – a child is born during a marriage or through the courts in an Establishment of Paternity case. Not only can a father file a petition to establish paternity to obtain timesharing (custody and visitation) and parental rights, a mother can also file a petition to establish paternity to obtain child support.

The paternity lawyers at Klein Law Group are known and respected for their understanding and compassion. We are dedicated to helping our clients pursue their related needs. Our reputation for handling such cases has earned our firm the respect of judges in both Broward County and Palm Beach County courts.

Our legal team has helped numerous families with paternity matters, including:

  • Helping the child’s mother get the financial security their children deserve.
  • Proving a man’s paternity status in order to establish his parental rights of the child.
  • Helping fathers get timesharing with their children.


The attorneys at Klein Law Group understand that every situation is different. It is important that you speak with a family lawyer to discuss your potential paternity case and review your options moving forward.


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