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Klein Law Group has a top-notch team of real estate lawyers and professionals ready to handle your real estate disputes. Real estate law in Florida is quite complex, as it must consider the Florida constitution, intricate statutes, and a wealth of case law. It takes an experienced real estate attorney to navigate Florida’s property law effectively. Our attorneys have dealt with numerous real estate lawsuits involving both residential and commercial properties. Our cases have spanned from foreclosure and landlord/tenant conflicts to code violations and homestead protection. This extensive experience gives our attorneys an edge when it comes to handling almost any type of real estate litigation, including issues like real estate fraud, contract breaches, construction claims, liens, and code compliance.

Unlike other law firms, our attorneys are skilled at every stage of litigation, from initial negotiations to trial and appeals. We are among the few who have successfully managed real estate appeals and established precedents now followed by Florida courts. Additionally, we are well-versed in representing clients in various forums, such as state and federal courts and local administrative proceedings. This breadth of experience allows us to expertly strategize your case for each phase of the litigation process.

With each case, we have gained valuable insights into effective problem-solving and client advisement. We believe that effective legal representation involves a balance between assertive litigation and innovative solutions.


Serving International Property Owners Facing Real Estate Disputes

We also understand that every client is unique, and we approach problem-solving with an individualized touch. For instance, Florida stands out for its high number of foreign property owners. We have assisted numerous international clients who must juggle various unique factors when pursuing litigation.



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