Complex Divorce / High Net Worth Divorce

Complex / High Net Worth Divorce


Divorces can be tricky, and they become even more intricate when there are numerous marital assets and one or both spouses have a substantial net worth. At Klein Law Group, we have a wealth of experience assisting high net worth clients. Our legal team is ready to support you with every facet of your divorce, whether it involves dividing real estate and valuable assets or other complex matters.

Our commitment is to safeguard the property and assets you had before your marriage and to ensure a fair distribution of property and assets acquired during the marriage. In high net worth divorces, privacy is often paramount, and we prioritize not only guiding you through the divorce process but also maintaining confidentiality, keeping your proceedings out of the public eye.

We handle many types of high net worth asset division, including:

There are many factors to consider as to how these assets are distributed. These factors may include:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The income of each spouse
  • The importance of an item and it’s worth
  • Each spouses’ financial position after the divorce
  • Contribution toward shared assets

Each divorce is unique and every couple has certain determinants and issues concerning their marriage and their property. Our attorneys will look at your case individually and create a custom strategy for your unique situation.


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