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Commercial real estate transactions can be complex. You need an attorney with a strong understanding of statutory requirements, county and city procedures and ordinances, commercial transactions, and real estate. Fortunately, Klein Law Group commercial real estate lawyers are highly skilled at handling commercial real estate transactions. We provide experienced and dependable service in commercial real estate negotiations, commercial real estate contracts, title insurance for commercial real estate and commercial lease agreements.

Whether you are buying vacant land, multi-unit housing, retail space, a warehouse, or a strip mall, we can advise you through every step in the process. From the outset, our team of lawyers can negotiate the commercial real estate purchase contract. Our real estate attorneys are unique because they have spent time fighting real estate contracts in court. Meaning they know how deals go bad and are able to design contracts to maximize protection for their clients.

After signing the commercial real estate contract, our attorneys work hard to ensure the property is exactly what you expect. This means working together with property inspectors, title agents, builders, and county agencies to make sure the property is suited for its intended purpose. Since we are a law firm, we can go to court or state agencies to handle any issues. In addition, as a title insurance agent, we can issue and advise you on the correct title insurance policy.

If you already own property or just looking to rent, our real estate attorneys can assist you with negotiating a commercial lease or drafting a template to use for multiple commercial rental properties. If a problem arises, our real estate attorneys are experienced in going to court to fight commercial landlord and tenant disputes.


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