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A major, lasting step in the divorce process is the division of property. Equitable distribution is designed to fairly distribute the assets and debts of the couple to accommodate life after separation. Without proper representation and knowledge of divorce laws, an individual may not receive the benefits they deserve.

The dedicated and experienced Boca Raton property division attorneys of Klein Law Group understand that divorce can be a difficult time. We are ready to help you during this transition and assist you with the complexities of divorce law.

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Types of Property Division in Florida

When a couple separates, there are multiple types of property that must be divided. Common assets are items that have been acquired by the couple since their union and are owned by both parties. These will be subjected to equal distribution. Non-marital assets are items that were owned by one spouse or the other before the marriage. Generally, non-marital assets are distributed back to their original owner.

Enlisting the support of a knowledgeable and understanding team of legal professionals is helpful in ensuring that you are not overpowered during your divorce and lose the rights to your belongings.

We know that this process can be intimidating and are experienced in handling cases involving:

Divorce can be a struggle for some couples, but having the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side can help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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