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Helping With Landlord-Tenant Disputes Across South Florida

Klein Law Group real estate attorneys are here to help find a solution to your landlord-tenant dispute. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in commercial or residential property, our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in landlord-tenant law. Florida law varies greatly between residential and commercial rental property. You deserve an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced in both.

If you are considering renting property, then you should talk to our attorneys about creating a lease agreement. While you hope to never need it, a properly drafted lease agreement is the first line of defense for your rights. It governs what will happen, who is responsible, and what to do if something goes wrong. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating leases and can help you prepare a lease that will protect your interests. Unlike other firms, our real estate lawyers are also litigators. Meaning they go to court when there is a landlord-tenant dispute. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to understand how problems arise and the best way to avoid them during negotiations.

Unfortunately, sometimes problems with a landlord or tenant are inevitable. Florida landlord-tenant law is complex, and one small misstep from an inexperienced attorney can lead to disaster. Our landlord-tenant attorneys are highly experienced and are ready to go to court fighting for your rights. We have handled everything ranging from unpaid rent and water damage to security deposit claims and abandoned property. Our goal is to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the impact to your investment or personal life.

Whether you are seeking a simple eviction or have a complex commercial dispute, meeting with Klein Law Group landlord-tenant attorneys is the first step to defending your rights.


*Notice Regarding Landlord/Tenant Consultations

Issues related to landlord / tenant do not qualify for Free Consultations. Klein Law Group, P.A. charges a consultation fee of $375 for up to 60 minutes. Thereafter, an additional fee will apply at the hourly rate of $375.00 billed in six minute increments.

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