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At Klein Law Group, our child support lawyers in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale can help you navigate through the intricacies involved during the development of a child support agreement and can also provide you with the assistance you may need in modifying and enforcing agreements.

Child support is an obligation that provides financial support by a non-custodial parent for a child or children following a divorce.  If a divorcing couple has children, one of the most important aspects to be determined is child support, in conjunction with time-sharing issues.   Child support payments are designed to ensure that children are provided for financially, despite the lifestyle changes that may occur as a result of the divorce.

Child Support Services in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale

A court determines the amount of support that is required to be paid by the non-custodial parent.  This amount is calculated based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines and is influenced by factors such as the combined incomes of the parents and the Time-Sharing Plan.  Our attorneys in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale can provide you with the information you need to determine if your support payments are being fairly calculated by the court.  If there appears to be a deviation from the child support guidelines by the court, or there are questions as to the validity of actual income figures being used, we work hard to ensure that child support payments are calculated accurately based on proper data.

Our lawyers can also represent you if modifications to agreements are necessary.  A modification to support payments can be requested if there are significant changes in circumstances for one or both parents or the financial needs of the children, or there are changes made to the parenting or time sharing plans.

We can also help you with enforcing child support agreements if the other parent is not keeping up with regularly scheduled payments.  An attorney can be your best chance of ensuring that payments are paid as determined by the court, and that they are not late or delinquent.

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With offices located in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, an attorney from our firm is conveniently located to most individuals within the South Florida area.  We offer free, no-obligation child support consultations, providing you with the opportunity to ask about child support guidelines and the process that occurs in determining support in conjunction with a divorce, or to obtain more information about modifying or enforcing existing agreements.

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Child support is a very important part of a divorce because it can have such a dramatic effect on the lives of the children of divorcing parents, affecting them for years to come.  At Klein Law Group, our lawyers in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale provide compassionate yet tenacious representation and guidance, protecting your rights and those of your children in the pursuit of a positive and equitable resolution.

Florida Child Support FAQs

A judge makes the final determination as to the amount of child support payments that are required to be made by the non-custodial parent following a divorce.
In the state of Florida, amounts are calculated using the Florida Child Support Guidelines. This amount is based on information such as the combined incomes of the parents, the number of children involved, the parenting and time sharing plans, and factors such as costs for daycare, education, insurance and health care. The amount of time that the non-custodial parent has with the children also factors into the payment amount. For example, if the non-custodial parent has more overnight visits with the child or children, the amount they are required to pay will be lower than if they have fewer visits.
The state of Florida only requires that child support payments be made until a child has turned 18 and has graduated from high school. If the child turns 18, but is still fully enrolled in high school, payments must continue until the child has graduated.
Child support payments are designed so that the non-custodial parent shares in the financial responsibility with the custodial parent of paying for items that affect the well-being of the child. This means that anything that can be considered to directly benefit the child, such as daycare, clothing, tuition, health care, etc., can be covered by child support payments. Some items that fall under the child support guidelines can be contested, as they may be deemed as unnecessary.
Yes.  If there are any changes to either parent’s financial circumstances or the children’s financial needs, you can petition for a modification of child support.  During this process, you will have to present any new information to the court so it can determine if a modification to the amount of child support payments is in order.
If your former spouse does not make required child support payments, it is in the best interests of you and your child (or children) to hire an experienced attorney. The process of enforcing the payment on an ex-spouse that has been delinquent in making payments can be a legally complex and confusing process, so the advice and representation of an experienced attorney can prove to be especially valuable.
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