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If you are seeking a same sex divorce in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, the lawyers at Klein Law Group can help. It is just recently that the state of Florida began to recognize same sex marriage. Although relatively new to the state of Florida, the process of divorce and the difficulties encountered between homosexual couples will be much the same as those experienced during divorce for heterosexual couples. That’s why involved parties can often benefit from guidance and representation from a qualified attorney.

When any type of marriage ends, there will be complicated issues related to separating assets, property and liabilities, and there may even be children involved which can create added complications in dissolving the marriage. An experienced attorney can go a long way in protecting your rights and interests, while providing useful information, advice and representation during the process.

Even prior to Florida recognizing same-sex marriage, Klein Law Group’s experienced attorneys were assisting LGBT individuals with handling issues that arose when a relationship ended. From determining the division of assets and liabilities, to handling issues related to child custody and child support, our attorneys have long provided compassionate, yet tenacious support during this difficult process.

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Florida Same Sex Separation FAQs

Yes. Since same sex marriage was just recently recognized in the state of Florida, same sex divorce is now also recognized. Many couples already in committed relationships are now marrying. Unfortunately, that also means that these couples will now experience the same issues that heterosexual couples experience when a marriage ends in divorce. Assets and liabilities must be split up and this can be a tough process if agreement cannot easily be reached. Same sex couples that have children also have to deal with child custody and child support issues that can further complicate the process. Couples seeking a divorce can benefit from an experienced attorney who has worked in the past with LGBT individuals during this difficult process, providing needed guidance and representation along with compassion.
If a couple is married and is ending the relationship, the process is called a dissolution of marriage, better known as a conventional divorce, there is a formal process and documentation required for ending a same sex marriage in Florida. However, just like before, when some couples created cohabitation agreements that provided rights to partners if the relationship ended, same sex couples can now enter into prenuptial or premarital agreements. These agreements will govern how the divorce plays out regarding assets, liabilities and alimony. There are also legal issues related to child custody that have to be determined if children are involved. If there are disagreements about the division of property, assets and liabilities, or there are children involved, it is best to confer with an experienced attorney to determine the best way to protect your interests during the dissolution of the relationship.
Whether you are in a same sex marriage or a long-term relationship in which there are assets and liabilities that are shared and must be split up, it is best to talk to an experienced attorney that can provide you with the advice you need to determine the best way to protect your rights and interests during the process of dissolving your relationship. Having an attorney on your side that you can trust will help you get through the process as easily, and hopefully as painlessly, as possible.
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