Meet Our Attorneys: Kunal A. Mirchandani, Partner Attorney

by | Oct 19, 2023

Welcome to our new interview series, “Meet Our Attorneys!” In this premier edition, we’re introducing you to Kunal A. Mirchandani, one of our esteemed Partner Attorney in our Boca Raton office. Kunal is known for his legal prowess and outstanding reputation. Join us as we dive into his career, discover his motivations, and explore his remarkable legal expertise in this captivating interview.

Attorney Kunal’s Professional Journey

Tell us about your educational background. How did it lead you to a career in law?

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, and a juris doctorate from Case Western Reserve School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. My first push towards law came from a class in high school. It was an elective class with students given the facts of a case and told to cross-examine faux witnesses and make closing arguments. My teacher was a retired lawyer and I thought the class was fun. I did very well without much effort and everyone wanted to be my partner for group projects. I did not realize how it would impact my life.

What motivated you to become an attorney? What areas of law are you particularly passionate about?

I am a law nerd. I enjoy reading cases and learning about how disputes are resolved. It is a journey that combines elements of philosophy, equity, and history. I am passionate about appeals because they tend to focus heavily on these elements.

Share your professional journey leading up to joining Klein Law Group.

My focus in law school was international transaction law. For example, I was working for an international food franchise planning to open stores in India. However, when I graduated there was a global recession and very few opportunities. I took a job representing a large bank in various lawsuits across Florida. I never thought I would enjoy being in a courtroom, but it was fun, challenging, and rewarding. For several years I focused on disputes between creditors and debtors. Until I was approached by Klein Law Group with an offer I could not refuse.  

Are there any significant cases or experiences from your career that have shaped your approach to law?

I have handled many appeals over the years, but I established new case law in Murray v. HSBC Bank USA, 157 So. 3d 355 (Fla. 4th. DCA 2015). Often appeals argue interpretation of statutes and prior case law. It is few and far between that novel issues arise where new rules and procedures need to be established. 

Kunal’s Expertise & Practice Areas

What specific areas of law do you specialize in, and what drew you to these fields?

I focus on creditor/debtor and real property disputes. I was drawn to creditor/debtor work because I enjoy problem solving and dealing with numbers. If I was not a lawyer, then I probably would have gone into accounting. Real property covers a large range of issues, including purchase/sale of homes, landlord/tenant, partition, and commercial buildings. Real estate is a large part of South Florida’s economy, and almost every dispute somehow touches real property.

Can you explain some of the most common legal issues you handle for clients at Klein Law Group?

Most of my cases involve a breach of contract. Basically, there was an agreement, something went wrong, and now it needs to be resolved. It might be an unpaid contractor/vendor, mountains of debt, or disagreement on how to manage property. The law provides a lot of tools to fix the problem.

Kunal’s Personal Insights

Are there any legal challenges or trends in the industry that you find particularly intriguing or important?

Artificial Intelligence will change how people interact with the law. I believe it can be a great tool to educate and improve efficiency. However, it is similar to a self-driving car; You still need someone behind the wheel who knows how to drive. The technology makes mistakes, it can reinforce bias, and is wholly unaccountable. While AI will be useful, its ultimate value to the industry remains to be seen.   

What do you believe sets you apart as an attorney, and how do you approach client relationships?

Unlike most attorneys, I have a background in creditor/debtor law, also known as Bankruptcy Law. Any lawyer can win a lawsuit and get a judgment. However, lawsuits are not about a piece of paper saying you win. A lawsuit is about someone getting paid. I have experience actually collecting on judgments, and I will lay the groundwork for collection throughout the entire case. Conversely, I have experience defending against creditors, and provide guidance throughout the case to minimize costs.

Kunal’s Hobbies & Interests

 Outside of your legal career, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy surfing, working on cars, and watching Formula 1. I have been surfing in some of the scariest and remote places on earth (Teahupo’o, G-Land, etc.). I recently refurbished and sold a Mazda RX-7 (FD), and started work on my next project, a BMW M3 (e46). I also enjoy reading science fiction.   

Have any of your personal pursuits influenced your approach to law or your interactions with clients?

“You can never change the direction of a wave, but you can use it to get where you need to go.” (Surfer’s Proverb)

Kunal’s Future Aspirations

Where do you see your legal career heading in the future?

I believe financial markets will tighten and we will see problems for anyone needing credit. I believe the future will see an increase in the number of disputes arising from non-payment. There will be an increasing demand for lawyers with creditor/debtor experience. 

Are there any specific goals or achievements you’re working toward in your role as an associate attorney?

Becoming a trusted advisor. There are many legal issues that arise while operating a business, and you need someone with a legal background to advise on the cost-benefit of those decisions. You also need someone that has strong vetted relationships with other attorneys and professionals in the area. Having someone with experience and relationships to solve problems is extremely valuable. 

Attorney Kunal & His Professional  Relationships

How do you approach building strong relationships with your clients, and what do you believe clients value most in an attorney-client relationship?

A strong relationship is built on honesty. Many lawyers will oversell the strength of your case because they are afraid of losing your business or appearing weak. A good lawyer needs to explain how the law works, and why there are strengths and weaknesses to every case. A great lawyer keeps their client updated through every stage of the process, even when nothing is happening.     

Tell us how you collaborate with the legal team at Klein Law Group and how this teamwork benefits clients?

We each bring years of experience to the firm and our doors are always open. Nobody has all of the answers, and sometimes it takes a team of people to solve a complex problem. For example, some of the firm has a lot of experience handling divorces while others have experience in bankruptcy, this becomes an invaluable combination when an ex-spouse files for bankruptcy.

Kunal’s Advice for Clients

What advice would you offer to potential clients who may be seeking legal representation for the first time?

A lawyer is like a toilet plunger; You should have one before you need one. A lot of problems can be averted, resolved, or minimized if you have a legal advisor. Also, you should document conversations and take pictures. While the facts of your case may seem obvious to you, a judge may be persuaded by the most innocuous thing. A lot of uncertainty comes from not knowing who the judge will believe. A written statement or picture removes a lot of this uncertainty.   

As we bring this interview with Kunal A. Mirchandani, Partner Attorney, to a close, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into Kunal’s world. Kunal’s journey and knowledge exemplify the dedication and passion that drives our legal team at Klein Law Group. If you wish to schedule a consultation with Kunal, call our office at 561.353.2800. You can also submit our Fill Form on this page and write in the message your interest to work with Kunal! 

Stay tuned for more engaging conversations with our exceptional attorneys in our “Get to Know Our Attorneys” series. Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey, and remember, we’re here to serve you with the highest standards of legal excellence.

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