Questions to ask a Divorce Lawyer before you hire them?

by | October 7, 2018

One of the most difficult tasks is the selection of the attorney who will represent you in a divorce. Before hiring an attorney you should first schedule a consultation. If possible, meet with the attorney in person. Here are some questions that you should ask the divorce attorney during your consultation:

  1. Attorney’s fees. How are the attorney’s fees and costs paid? Will my spouse be responsible for paying all or part of my attorney’s fees? How do you bill for your services?
  2. Process and procedure. What documents must be filed in a divorce case? What financial records and information must be exchanged with my spouse? Am I required to go to mediation? How does mediation work? What happens if my spouse and I cannot reach a settlement agreement?
  3. Am I entitled to receive alimony? How is alimony determined- how much, how long and how is it paid? How does alimony impact child support?
  4. What decisions need to be made for timesharing? What decisions need to be made for parental responsibility? What other decisions must be made regarding my children?
  5. Child support. How is child support calculated? Can child support be modified in the future? If so, how and why?
  6. Equitable Distribution. What happens to the assets that I had before the marriage? How are assets divided? How are liabilities divided?

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