How long does a 341 meeting take?

In a simple Chapter 7 case, a 341 meeting would last about three minutes, you’ll sit there and wait longer to have your case heard than the actual meeting will take. In general, your creditors don’t show up. The trustee will swear you in under oath. They’ll check your ID, your driver’s license, your Social Security card, or verify you are who you say you are. They’ll ask you if you read the papers before you sign them.

They’ll ask you if you feel that any changes need to be made. They will ask you just a few more questions just to verify that the information in the petition was accurate at the time you signed it and then call for any creditor’s questions and if none and if no creditors are there, he concludes the meeting.  Generally, again, anywhere from two to three minutes for a simple case and if there are some issues that trustee doesn’t quite understand, it might go five minutes.

Keep in mind, the trustee hears five to six cases every half hour.

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