Palm Beach County Couple’s Divorce Dispute Has $425 Million At Stake

by | September 29, 2015

Sarah Pursglove, Boca Raton businesswoman, could get $212 million if her divorce from Robert Oesterlund ends in her favor. In addition to being married for 16 years, the couple were business partners that amassed great wealth running their online businesses. Their separation is anything but typical — their divorce battle is playing out like a hollywood movie.

The couple started with humble beginnings, but in 2001, their lucked changed when one of their web-based businesses took off. They enjoyed a luxurious and privileged lifestyle with their two children, traveling the world on their private jet and multiple yachts. In 2012, Oesterlund asked Pursglove for a divorce and things went downhill quickly.

According to Pursglove’s court documents, it was then her estranged husband began using South Florida lawyers and accountants to devise a scheme to transfer assets into a Caribbean offshore account. Oesterlund denies the allegations. Pursglove’s attorneys are seeking a data preservation order against one of Oesterlund’s law firms and is trying to gain control of a hard drive that is suspected to contain evidence of fraudulent financial transfers.

Pursglove has indicated in affidavits she believes the couple was worth about $415 million, saying that Oesterlund prepared a financial statement in 2013 that showed a joint marital worth in that amount. However, Oesterlund’s March 14, 2014, financial statement filed with the court gives a net family property valuation of $2.6 million. Later in 2014, after Oesterlund obtained new attorneys, he produced another financial statement that indicated that “until the value of the applicant’s business interests is determined, the applicant’s net family property will not be calculated.”

On top of the division of assets turmoil, the couple is under the watchful eye of the authorities. The Florida attorney general’s office is investigating unfair and deceptive business practices against the couples’ Boca Raton-based Xacti Global LLC and several other companies they own. According to court filings, the Florida attorney general’s office received more than 1,300 consumer complaints about their companies’ business practices.

Police are also involved in the mix. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies are investigating the possible forgery of Pursglove’s signature on a $17 million-loan application. Court papers show that on the date she allegedly signed the application in front of a Boca Raton notary, she was actually out of the country.

Oesterlund is currently living in their $30 million Toronto Four Seasons Hotel penthouse with his girlfriend while Pursglove is residing in their Boca Raton home while this case plays out.

There is no doubt both parties want a divorce with an equalization of net family property. The question is just how big is that pie? Palm Beach Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen has been assigned to the case.

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