Klein Law Group Senior Attorney Wins Out-Of-State Child Custody Case

by | Sep 3, 2015

Klein Law Group’s senior attorney, Abigail Cohen, was victorious for her client, a mother in a recent interstate child custody case. The paternity action had been complicated by the fact that the mother and the parties’ then 2 year old child had moved to Michigan from Florida prior to the case having been filed by the father.

The mother and father both testified at trial in October, 2014. The mother’s position was that remaining in Michigan was in the child’s best interest, while the father argued for the child’s return to Florida. The Florida judge ruled that the mother had been justified in her move and that the child would remain in Michigan with his mother until September, 2015, but would have to return to Florida after that time. An out-of-state time sharing agreement was ordered by the judge and was to be followed by the father while the child was in Michigan. The evidence at trial had established that the father had not visited the child nor had he paid child support since the child had moved to Michigan, nearly one year earlier.

At a June, 2015, hearing, Ms. Cohen presented evidence that the father had not been compliant with the out-of-state time sharing agreement. Due to the father’s non-compliance, the judge reversed his prior decision and ordered the child to remain in Michigan with his mother, in favor of Ms. Cohen’s client.

Ms. Cohen’s client is elated that her son can remain with her in Michigan.

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