How to Survive the Holidays During a Divorce

by | Nov 25, 2014

The holidays are typically a time for us all to be joyous, a time to celebrate and draw nearer to loved ones, family and friends. It can also be an extremely stressful time for those going through a divorce. Learn how you can cope through divorce this holiday season.

Be Patient

Divorce can be life altering, putting you through a great deal of emotional turmoil. Understand that the pain is a part of the process of healing. Be patient with yourself by allowing yourself time to grieve in advance, before Christmas morning catches you in PJ’s, depressed and all alone.

Create a Plan

This year take the time to plan fun and relaxing activities with beloved friends and family. Try an activity you have never done before, go to the beach, try sailing or boating or even go skiing up north. South Florida is filled with various outdoor activities that could be just what you need to relieve the stress. Don’t be afraid to avoid those certain stressful family members if you have to.

If you have kids, decide on the arrangements for gift opening in advance and talk to your kids about the arrangements you agree upon. Will your soon-to-be ex-spouse be present? Will it be at his/her place, your place or at the home of a family member? Only agree to be together if you are able to exercise self-restraint and avoid conflict.

Keep it Simple

During a divorce finances can be sketchy. Set up a strict budget for you and your kids to adhere to. Remember the holidays are not about material things. They are about the quality time spent with loved ones.

Start New Traditions

It is okay to maintain traditions that have already been established with your kids, but focus on creating new traditions as well. Get your kids involved. Play a modified version of Secret Santa with your kids and close family. Bake your favorite treats with your kids, create contests, or make up modified versions of your favorite Christmas carols. You can check Pinterest for tons more fun ideas and activities.

Ask for Help

Take control of your life by making a list or schedule of everything you want to get accomplished for the holidays. Enlist the help of a friend or family member. Remember the goal is to feel in control and not stressed, so be careful not to overwhelm yourself.

Focus on Others

After your grievance period, shift your attention away from yourself and circumstances and focus on helping others. Collect food for a homeless shelter or participate in local charities. Sometimes, caring for someone else can be the best remedy to take your mind off of your issues and give you a different perspective. Be careful to set some boundaries so as not to end up taking on too much which could create additional stress.

Take Care of Yourself

In the midst of helping others and making the holidays fun for your kids, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. Be sure to get a full night’s rest every night and maintain a healthy diet to help combat anxiety and stress. Don’t hold back from pampering yourself a little, make an appointment for a massage or other indulgent activity.

We want to hear your thoughts. Use the comment box below to tell us the strategies you have used or plan to use this holiday season to get through a divorce or otherwise rocky relationship.

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