Why is it a Bad Idea to Use Social Media During Your Divorce?

by | November 14, 2018

Social media is just about everywhere nowadays and many of us enjoy logging onto more than one platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, while using these social networking tools might seem like a must, if you are going through a divorce, you are going to have to disengage from social media until your Diu is finalized, otherwise, you put the outcome of your divorce settlement at risk.

How is it possible for the use of social media to have such a powerful impact on your divorce? Below is a list of some of the reasons:

  • Your photos can be used against you: A picture is worth a thousand words and they can also easily be taken out of context. If you post pictures of yourself that make you appear irresponsible, this could impact your case. For example, if you are seeking child custody or visitation rights, but frequently post pictures of yourself partying and drinking, a judge might not think you are responsible enough to care for your children and you might not get the custody rights you are seeking.
  • The posts you make contradict what you say in court: Writing a post online and then contradicting yourself in court is a quick and easy way for you to look like a liar. For example, if you post about going on lavish vacations or making extravagant purchases, then later claim that you cannot afford alimony or child support payments, a judge will undoubtedly think you are being dishonest. It will be nearly impossible to reverse an opinion like that in court.
  • You divulged the details of your divorce: When we are frustrated, we tend to feel like lashing out and venting. However, if you want to talk about what a terrible person your former spouse is or how emotionally draining the divorce process can be, you need to save it for an in-person conversation with a trusted friend or a family member instead of turning to social media for support. Otherwise, you are going to look like a bitter ex-spouse in court, which will not reflect well on you.
  • Your posts are never private: You might have removed your spouse from your friends list, blocked him or her, and even adjusted your privacy settings, but this does not mean he or she will never see your posts or that it is safe to write whatever you want. You probably share friends and, if you were together for a particularly long time, it might be difficult to tell who is loyal to whom. Instead of rolling the dice or playing a guessing game, just refrain from using social media. The last thing you want is for a mutual friend to share a post you never intended your spouse to see.

It might seem like a tall order to stay off social media, but considering how much is at stake, you have to ask yourself if using Facebook is worth giving up what you could potentially get from your divorce settlement. Be smart and error on the side of caution. Once your divorce is finalized, you can resume your online activities.

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