Tips to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

by | November 28, 2018

Divorce is difficult for everyone to get through, no matter who initiated it and, if you and your spouse share children, you can guarantee it is even more difficult for them. It is your responsibility as parents to help them cope with this major life change, so they are able to continue to thrive and grow. Since no two children are alike, you can be assured that they will be affected in different ways. Some might be shocked, while others might be sad, frustrated, or even angry. Whatever their reactions might be, it is important that you help them through and offer your understanding and support.

Below is a list of some tips for you to help your children cope with your divorce:

  • Keep all conflicts and legal discussions away from your children. Having these discussions out in the open will only harm them, so keep the issues you have with your spouse separate from them.
  • Try to minimize any disruptions to your children’s daily routines. Obviously, you cannot avoid all disruptions, but try to maintain consistency in their daily lives as best you can.
  • Do not play the blame game with one another. Vilifying your children’s other parent is going to cause them pain and make this situation all the more difficult for them to endure.
  • Although you might not be on the best terms with your former spouse, you have to remember that he or she is still a parent to your children, so always make an effort to keep him or her involved in their lives.

If you have yet to break the news to your children, make sure you plan this discussion together. And make sure to read other sources of useful advice for speaking with your children. It is important for them to see you united as parents who will continue to love and care for them, regardless of marital status. Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but if you remain cooperative and keep in mind that you both want your children to be happy, working toward that common goal can become more achievable. 

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