The Klein Advisor – December 2016

by | Dec 14, 2016

Why Listing your Home During the Holidays Might be the Best Time

According to a Redfin study, houses listed from Dec. 21 through March 21 had a 9% greater chance of selling within 180 days closer to the asking price versus homes put on the market from March 22 through June 21.

The same study shows homes listed from Dec. 21 through March 21 had a 10% greater chance of selling at or near asking price versus homes listed from June 22 through Sept. 20. Apparently summer seems to be the kiss of death for a seller.

Additionally, you might think that trying to sell your home during the busy holiday season might not be effective. People are preoccupied with holiday shopping, attending parties, cooking meals, buying presents or planning vacations. However, with the technology used today such as the internet, smartphones and tablets, this conventional way of thinking is not too relevant.

Serious buyers are always looking and the holidays are no exception. According to Zillow, the “serious” buyer works hard and doesn’t necessarily shift into holiday mode until last minute, which means they will most likely be monitoring new listings.

If holding an open house, keeping your home clean and vacating to accommodate last minute showings during the holidays are too much, consider listing your property after the New Year. Many new home buyers make it a resolution to stop wasting money on rent and invest in a home for themselves. Additionally, some buyers are interested in purchasing during the month of January because of year-end tax planning.

As an agent of Old Republic Title, our closing and escrow service attorneys can assist you with the following:

  • Draft and negotiate the contract for the sale/purchase
  • Handle all relevant paperwork
  • Provide title insurance and escrow services
  • Conduct title searches and examinations
  • Issue title insurance policies
  • Resolve title disputes
  • Oversee the closing process
  • Conduct the closing in-house

If you are in need of closing and escrow services, our lawyers are here for you. To learn more about our convenient in-house services and “mail away” closing option, do not hesitate to contact our legal team.

‘Tis the Season for Bank Account Treason

Most of us are guilty of trying to find that PERFECT holiday gift for our loved ones, or the mailman, or quite possibly our favorite cashier at Publix…oh the stress!

WalletHub found that the average person will spend around $935 this holiday season and you can double that if you are a couple. In order to keep the post-holiday hangover at a minimum, Klein Law Group is offering some strategies to protect your bank account this year.

Make a list: Before you head to the mall, make sure you have a plan for whom you are buying and what you are going to purchase. This might eliminate the over-spending and impulsive buying, which will allow you to stick to a budget.

What are your non-negotiables: You might have that one thing you NEED for the holidays. A plane ticket home or a series of twinkle lights that you could see from Mars! Whatever it is, make sure you plan for it while determining your holiday budget. Additionally, after the holiday season, stock up on half-off items for the following year. This could relieve some financial stress if decorating is one of your non-negotiables.

Avoid credit card debt: According to Wallethub, it is estimated that 2016 will end with a net increase of $80 BILLION in credit card debt. The average debt per household reaching $8,380. In order not to feel the holiday gift giving for months after the season, opt for a pre-paid card, which creates a cap or limit on what you can spend.

If you find yourself in a bit of a scrap this season, contact our legal team to schedule a consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your options for your financial freedom.

Surviving the Holidays and Divorce

Maybe you are asking yourself, “how can you celebrate the holidays, sing Joy to the World or light the candles on the menorah, while my world feels like it is crumbling down around you?”. According to About, Inc., the holidays are a constant in our lives, they never change and they demand to be celebrated. It is a time to share in love, peace and gratitude.

It’s important to think ahead if you have children. If you are currently in the process of getting divorced, it might be a good idea to have a temporary time-sharing agreement in place for a clear understanding of who has custody during the holidays.

Take this time to simplify, be flexible, focus on others and remember it’s not about stuff. Clinical psychologist, JoAnn Pedro-Carroll, suggests to maintain a favorite tradition with your children, as it offers a sense of stability. Additionally, another suggestion from Pedro-Carroll is to start new traditions with your children, making the time spent with one another a special moment.

Be patient with yourself, your family and your children as you navigate through the holidays. This is new and different for everyone and a little patience will go a long way towards making your first holidays post-separation/divorce more enjoyable than you might believe.

If you are looking to modify your current time-sharing agreement or would like to make sure you currently have one in place, contact our legal team to speak to one of our qualified family law attorneys.

Natali Levine, Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Professionals
Natali graduated Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 2008. She obtained her real estate license and gained her knowledge in the real estate industry from one of the top producing agencies in Volusia County.

Natali listens to her client’s needs and is very passionate about her work. It is very important to list or buy your home with someone whom you can trust, someone that you know will answer your calls and negotiate the best possible deal. That is why Natali is Klein Law Group’s Trusted Partner.

Natali is a South Florida Native helping people buy, sell, and rent since 2009 in the Broward County Area.

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