Lawyer with Klein Law Group Wins for Florida Debtor Without Trial

by | Dec 1, 2021

Boca Raton Lawyer Gets Contested Debt Discharged by a Bankruptcy Judge


(Boca Raton, Florida): Kunal Mirchandani, an attorney at Klein Law Group, successfully defended the rights of a Florida debtor over aggressive lenders in Bankruptcy court. The adversarial case concerned over $40,000 of debt which the lender claimed should not be discharged. Normally when lenders contest a bankruptcy their cases are required to go to trial, however Mr. Mirchandani successfully petitioned the court to prevent this from happening.

Mr. Mirchandani argued that at the time money was loaned to his client, the lender failed to obtain documentation that would justify a denial of discharge under Section 523(a)(2)(b) of the Bankruptcy Code. This was first written into the Bankruptcy Code in order to protect debtors from unverifiable claims made by creditors as to the terms associated with the debts.

In addition, Mr. Mirchandani was able to prove that his client did not make any false representations that would warrant a denial of discharge under another section of the Bankruptcy Code. This occurred during the summary judgement hearing. When being questioned by Mr. Mirchandani, the lender was compelled to admit that there was no evidence regarding his claims.

Through appeal to these legal principles, Mr. Mirchandani convinced the Bankruptcy Court there was no need to waste his client’s time and resources with a trial. The Bankruptcy Court agreed with his arguments, denied the lender’s claim, and enabled the client of Mr. Mirchandani to continue the Bankruptcy process without further delay.

Kunal Mirchandani of Klein Law Group has defended the rights of Florida Debtors by ensuring that unsubstantiated, verbal accusations are not grounds to deny a bankruptcy discharge.

About Klein Law Group: Klein Law Group is a law firm located in Boca Raton, Florida that specializes in Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Family and Defamation Law whose commitment to high standards of professionalism has been cited by Martindale-Hubbell and AVVO. Founded in 2007, they’ve helped many South Florida families to stay in their homes during times of economic crisis.  

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