How to Avoid a Messy Divorce

by | November 6, 2014

Let’s face it break-ups really hurt! Especially when there are children involved. So why make it worse than it has to be? Messy divorces are typically caused by spiteful spouses and usually surround four main issues: division of assets, child custody, child support and alimony. Continue reading to see our 6 tips to avoid a messy divorce.

1.) Keep Your Cool

Remember that all is fair in love and war, so keep emotions out of the decision making process. Maintaining a cool head and a clear mind will allow you to make the best decisions for your future (and the future of your children).

2.) Gather Information

Stay on your “A” game by identifying your non-marital assets so you are able to protect what is yours. Hiding or disposing of marital assets does not help and could be detrimental to your case.

3.) Have A Sound Financial Plan

Calculate your living expenses for yourself and your children. Use this information to set realistic financial goals.

4.) Beware of Social Media

Social networks can be used as a means to investigate your lifestyle. A simple photograph of you during a night out on the town could cost you custody or visitation rights of your child(ren). Keep all social media activity, including status updates, to a minimum.

5.) Seek Professional Advice

Don’t use your children as a therapist or messenger. Seek the professional guidance of a spiritual advisor or professional therapist. It is important that you completely understand the process of divorce and know your rights. Seek legal guidance from an experienced, compassionate and reputable divorce attorney.

6.) Contact Us

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