How Long Will It Take To Divorce In Florida?

by | July 6, 2021

When our clients are searching for a divorce attorney in Boca Raton, I am often asked how long the divorce will take. Either they are ready to move on with their lives or they just want to understand how long they will need to have the divorce proceedings hanging over their heads.

How long will divorce take?

What I’ve seen in Boca Raton and South Florida is generally, a divorce can take anywhere from six weeks to three years or more, it all depends on the parties involved in the case. For example, there are usually two attorneys, two spouses and the court system. If both spouses completely cooperate with each other, the Klein Law Group team and I  can have a couple divorced in four-to-six weeks. However, without cooperation from just one of these parties, a divorce can drag on for years.

What makes a divorce take longer?

One of the leading factors that drives the divorce timeline is anger, that is, the anger of the spouses. There are some people that just hold on to their anger so tightly, that it takes over their life and that person will do anything to cause the divorce to drag out for years; most times they don’t do it intentionally. Parties in a divorce will hire a divorce attorney that mirrors their feelings and goals — whether explicitly or implicitly communicated. That means the angry party is probably going to hire an attorney who will fuel that anger and reflect it in the process which accounts not only for the lengthy process of the divorce, but also how much money a couple will spend in legal fees. 

The best general advice I can give anyone going through a divorce is to have a counselor get them through the emotional aspect of their life while the divorce lawyer gets them through the legal process. 

At Klein Law Group in Boca Raton, our team of family law attorneys is committed to helping clients navigate the dissolution of marriage process. Get started on your family law case today and reach out to our law firm at 561-353-2800 to request a free initial case evaluation.

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