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by | Apr 29, 2020

If Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) believes that a child has been neglected, abandoned abused, mistreated, or is otherwise at risk of harm, DCF may petition the court to take custody of the child. With the stakes so high, parents who have had their child removed from their home must find a lawyer experienced in Florida dependency cases to protect their rights.
The dedicated Boca Raton child dependency lawyers of Klein Law Group will stand by your side to fight for your parental rights and help keep your family together. We have worked on all aspects of child dependency cases, including:

• Defense of abuse, abandonment, neglect, mistreatment, or at-risk allegations
• Representing parents at shelter hearings, dependency arraignments and other hearings
• Arranging for favorable visitation rights
• Fighting against termination of parental rights

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What Happens in a Child Dependency Case?

DCF has a duty to remove children from dangerous familial situations. If someone reports you to DCF for abuse, neglect, abandonment, or any form of mistreatment of your child, a DCF investigator will visit your home to investigate the accusations. If the investigators find the children are in immediate danger, they have the right to remove the children from your home and place them in a secure location. If the children aren’t in immediate danger, but the investigators discover evidence of mistreatment, they may nonetheless petition the court to remove the kids.

If DCF removes or seeks to remove your children, the court will quickly schedule a shelter hearing. During the hearing, DCF will present evidence that the children are in danger in your custody. A family court judge will decide, based upon the best interests of the children, whether the children can remain in the family home or should live with relatives or a foster family.

Several hearings and meetings will follow DCF’s removal of your children from your home, including a Dependency Arraignment, Case Plan meeting, a pre-trial hearing, and a disposition hearing. During these hearings, you may defend yourself against the accusations and articulate your wishes, goals and plans for your family. Ultimately, DCF will develop a Case Plan that outlines the reunification requirements for parents. The court will review and approve the plan. If parents don’t follow the plan, DCF may seek to have your parental rights terminated.

Understanding Your Rights in a Boca Raton Dependency Case

Having a knowledgeable lawyer to advise you as early as possible in these proceedings is critical and can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. A trusted dependency lawyer can help ensure that your voice gets heard, your rights are protected if the DCF seeks to remove your children from your home.


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