Can I Date During My Divorce?

by | Sep 4, 2018

If you and your spouse are in the process of ending your marriage, it might seem like the right time to get back into the dating scene now that you will soon be single again. Unfortunately, you are technically still married, your divorce has not been finalized, and your settlement is still hanging in the balance. The fact is that dating at this time will only jeopardize the outcome of your divorce case.

Before you decide to look for a romantic partner to have a fresh start with, read below to learn why you should hold off on this pursuit until after your divorce is finalized:

  • You are already on an emotional roller coaster: Whether you wanted the divorce to happen or not, the fact remains that divorce is still a psychologically and emotionally trying experience. You are going to inevitably go through varying stages throughout this process, which might even include some self-discovery. If you hope to pursue a solid new relationship, doing so at a time when you have yet to reach emotional stability can set you off on the wrong path and that could ultimately cause you more problems than you need right now.
  • Your spouse might become jealous and irrational: Even if your soon-to-be ex-spouse is the one who filed the petition for the divorce, this does not mean it will make it any easier to see you with a new partner. In fact, your spouse might become jealous and very uncooperative upon finding out that you either have a new partner or started dating again. This can make a spouse feel replaced, which can bleed into your negotiations for a divorce settlement. He or she might feel even less inclined to make any concessions during the divorce, making it harder for the two of you to reach a reasonable agreement on any key issues.
  • It could have an impact on custody and parenting time: Dating during your divorce proceedings will also make the issue of child custody more difficult. Your children might also be less interested in being in your custody or spending time with you if you have a new partner around. In fact, some children feel so alienated by a new relationship at this time that it is not uncommon for the parent-child relationship to experience a complete breakdown. Moreover, a judge might not look favorably on a parent who chooses to date during divorce proceedings, feeling that it demonstrates a certain level of callousness and selfishness in regards to the children’s feelings.
  • It could have an impact on spousal support: When the time comes to make an alimony award, the judge will review several factors in your case. If you end up living with your new partner while in the midst of your divorce, this will actually impact how much spousal support you are able to receive since having a two-income household puts you in a better financial position. In fact, it is likely you will not be able to obtain any spousal support at all. Considering there is not a strong likelihood that the first relationship you start after splitting from your spouse is going to lead to lasting bliss, you might first want to take care of yourself and ensure you are able to obtain the spousal support you need before rushing into anything.
  • It might affect your relationship with your children: Dating is going to have an effect on your children. The news of your divorce was likely already shocking enough, so having to deal with a new partner in your life will be even more jarring for them. Instead of taking time to date or to focus on a new partner while your life is still going through changes and your children still need you to help them cope, hold off on dating altogether, at least until everything is finalized and your children are able to handle the changes.

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