2 Rules To Follow When Applying For A Job Or An Apartment Post-Bankruptcy

by | July 14, 2015

Our clients often worry how they will find a job or rent an apartment or house after filing bankruptcy. With bankruptcy on their credit score, how are they going to move forward finding work and housing? At Klein Law Group, we feel it is our responsibility to not only get our clients through the bankruptcy process as smoothly as possible, but also to give them strategies to use to make the most of their post-bankruptcy life.

Let’s face it. Almost everyone has faced financial troubles in their lives and that includes employers and landlords. Finding a job or a place to live after bankruptcy doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Follow these two rules and you should have an easier time when applying for employment and housing:

1. Be prepared
2. Show progress

1. Be prepared. Before you walk into a job interview or approach a landlord, think about what you are going to say to show that you are a responsible person. Come up with a list of items to tell the employer or landlord why you are to be trusted. For example, are you the treasurer of a non-profit organization? Do you have a recommendation from a previous employer that details how you were trusted with important tasks? Or maybe you can furnish a letter from a past landlord stating you were a reputable tenant who could be trusted? These items act as a strong testament to your integrity and will build trust with new people you meet.

If you are able to show that you are trustworthy, there is a chance your bankruptcy will be overlooked. Remember, you are not the only one who has filed bankruptcy. The economic crisis of 2008/2009 took its toll on many financially-responsible people. Be honest. Be candid. And follow rule #2.

  • Show progress. Present your situation as a learning experience and that you have learned from your mistakes. Period.

Because we want our clients to truly recover from their financial meltdown, we enroll them into the 720 Credit Score Challenge. This program allows people who have filed bankruptcy to transform their credit scores in as little as 12-24 months. Showing employers and landlords your enrollment in the program illustrates that you are very serious about turning your credit —and your life— around.

The 720 Credit Score program will give you the tools and confidence you need to approach employers and landlords. You will have proof that your credit is bouncing back. Most people value honesty and can appreciate one’s attempts at turning his or her life around. Our bankruptcy attorneys at Klein Law Group will be right by your side during the bankruptcy process and will put you on the right path to a brighter financial future.

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