Reasons You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

by | Apr 12, 2019

Florida does not require parties to hire a Real Estate Attorney like some states.  It’s important to note that hiring an attorney may help expedite the process, as well as protect the real estate buyer’s and seller’s interests.  A title insurance company is an independent entity in the sale of real estate, it does not represent either the buyer or the seller. Title insurance companies do not give legal advice on the consequences of potential issues that may develop with the title search or other miscellaneous issues that may arise. Likewise, realtors, brokers and agents are not attorneys and should not give legal advice.  An attorney can explain any legal or contractual terms along the way as well as interpret documents, prepare and review documents and resolve disputes that may occur.

As most of you know, the closing process can be complicated, a typical real estate sale may require preparation and review of numerous documents.  I’m sure you have all heard horror stories of parties dealing in bad faith, committing fraud and deposits being held illegally.  A Real Estate Attorney will oversee the process, protect their interests and give client’s peace of mind as well as bring valuable knowledge, insight and perspective to the closing table. 

Have your clients speak with an experienced Florida Real Estate Attorney to learn about their rights, including those related to disclosures, inspections and title insurance. It’s important buyers and sellers understand how valuable an attorney can be on their team. At Klein Law Group we offer a free consultation with one of our Real Estate Attorneys to answer any questions they may have. To ensure a smooth closing on what is often the largest asset most people purchase or sell in their lifetime, call us today.

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