Florida Alimony Reform Update

by | Feb 24, 2016

Alimony reform bills are making their way through the Florida legislature, but as of this week, the leading Senate legislation, SB 668, may hit a roadblock. In addition to modifying ways alimony is calculated and distributed, this bill includes child time-sharing language. That is the component that is currently stalling this bill’s momentum.

As we recently wrote in our blog, the Senate bill includes measures to end permanent alimony and also to encourage judges to grant 50-50 time-sharing child custody. The 50-50 time-sharing child custody provision is being met with many opponents, especially women with special-needs children and nursing mothers. Even though the proposed law gives a judge the discretion to make exceptions, these groups are concerned about losing custody when they are the parent experienced with taking care of the child’s unique needs.

Florida alimony reform supporters have tried for years to modify the way alimony is determined and distributed, but have not been successful. This year, the alimony eform legislation seemed to be building strength until lawmakers dug deep into the timesharing portion of the bill.

We will watch this legislation closely and continue to bring you updates.

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