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Accidental drowning’s are extremely traumatic and here in Florida, unfortunately, we are not strangers to these types of accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Protection, there are about 400 unintentional drowning accidents in the state of Florida each year. These numbers and the fact that most of the accidents are occurring with young children prove that there are inadequate safety measures in place in public and private pools.

Families who have suffered from a drowning accident should not put all the blame on themselves. Often, the owner of the pool, residence or property where the accident occurred is actually to blame. Klein Law Group focuses on accidental drowning cases and will prove who is at fault.

Some of the reasons for accidental drowning include:

  • Lack of warning signs around the pool
  • Defective equipment
  • Inadequate signs for pool depth
  • Lack of lifeguards in areas that require them
  • No lifesaving equipment
  • Faulty or lack of barriers around pool, such as fences or gates
  • Failure to warn guests of potential dangers in and around the pool

As Floridians, we all want to enjoy our beautiful weather and water recreation, from swimming and water parks to boating excursions and beach days. But when those fun activities become deadly or cause injury, it’s important to take action. Even a victim who doesn’t drown will likely suffer from lifelong severe injuries and damage. You deserve to be compensated for this traumatic event and have an experienced attorney on your side who will fight for your rights.

The Accidental Drowning’s Attorneys at Klein Law Group will hold negligent property owners accountable and get you the compensation you deserve after an accidental drowning.

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