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Reputation is an important part of both your personal and professional life. When someone attempts to hurt your reputation by making false statements, it is considered defamation of character. In order to be considered defamation, the statement must be intentional, false and cause harm to your well being. As a whole, defamation is a false statement or report that hurts another’s career or livelihood and is caused by two sets of actions: slander and/or libel.

Slander: Slander is the spoken form of defamation and often involves statements made by clients, competitors or coworkers. This can include rumors, spreading false facts or other forms of spoken word that hurt another’s character and reputation.

Libel: Libel is the written form of defamation. Libel is often seen in newspapers or other forms of print media, websites or social media. The most common form of libel, though, is social media, where someone can quickly spread derogatory statements about you, causing increased harm to your character and reputation.

Since libel has direct written evidence, this type of defamation case is often a bit easier to prove. Unfortunately, though, many forms of defamation are difficult cases to take on, as many people are unsure what is considered defamation and what is considered their first amendment right. That is why it is so important to have an experienced defamation attorney on your side. The defamation lawyers at Klein Law Group will be able to prove to the courts that the information spread about you is not only false but greatly hurting your character, your career and/or your livelihood.

In the state of Florida, you must prove the following in a defamation case:

  • Proof of the defamation, either an account from a third person in the case of slander or the written document in the case of libel.
  • Proof that the slander or libel caused harm or injury to you or your career.

These items can be hard to prove, but with our legal experience, the attorneys at Klein Law Group know what it takes to win defamation cases and get our clients the compensation and legal recourse they deserve.

Let the attorneys at Klein Law Group fight for your reputation and character and work hard to win your defamation case.  

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