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Intellectual property law is one of the most common obstacles Amazon sellers face. In this light, it’s crucial to know the basics of intellectual property law, whether you’re a new seller or an established one. You can achieve your business goals with the help of a Klein Law Group Amazon IP lawyer who can help you establish your brand, establish your products and deal with infringement claims.

Here at Klein Law Group, we work closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to accomplish the following:

  • Defend against infringement claims
  • Defend your intellectual property
  • Resolve disputes over intellectual property
  • Initiate infringement claims when necessary

Through brand building and brand protection, we provide value-added services to our clients. We are committed to your future success.

Is a Patent Necessary to Sell on Amazon?

Amazon does not require you to have a patent to sell your product, but you may want to consider getting one.

It may be necessary for sellers with multiple products to apply for both types of patents (a design patent and a utility patent). For non-lawyers, patent law is very complex and can be quite challenging. The limitations of patent protection are also important to understand. Amazon IP lawyers can help you navigate these issues.

How Do I Know If I Need a Trademark?

Logos and other branding are subject to trademark law. Private label sellers should protect their names, logos, and other branding by filing trademarks. In addition to protecting you against future infringement claims, the federal trademark process also protects you from the use of your name or logo by another seller. A lot of sellers don’t realize that their brand name and logo are vulnerable to other less scrupulous sellers without trademark protection. You can prevent future problems by getting your name and logo trademarked with the help of an experienced Amazon IP attorney.

How to protect your Amazon product’s packaging and appearance

You may qualify for trade dress protection if consumers can identify your product by its distinctive appearance or packaging. Defending your brand against claims of infringement from other sellers is one of the benefits of filing for trade dress protection. If seeking trade dress protection is something you would like to explore, an Amazon IP lawyer can provide you with more information.

Never use photos or text that aren’t your own

Always refrain from using pictures and text that you do not own (through producing or purchasing with a license agreement) or have created yourself. Some internet publishers and sellers do not follow this rule, which opens that person and/or business to legal complaints.

Other sellers may infringe on your language and images if you do not protect them with copyright. Competitors often secure copyright protection before hard-working sellers and accuse them of infringement. In order to avoid the headaches associated with copyright disputes, an Amazon IP lawyer can help you file for copyright protection.

Account suspensions often occur as a result of IP disputes; an Amazon IP lawyer can help

Many people are unaware of the prevalence of intellectual property disputes. A dispute over IP occurs when one party claims that another party has infringed on their intellectual property in an online marketplace.

Defendants may claim, for instance, that others are violating their patent rights by selling the same item or using copyrighted images or verbiage. When a court reviews the dispute and determines who holds the appropriate rights, the parties can continue using the disputed intellectual property while the dispute is being reviewed.

When Amazon sellers are involved in an intellectual property dispute, the situation is more serious. You may no longer be able to sell that item or anything else until you resolve the dispute if someone reports that you are infringing on their intellectual property. Amazon may simply suspend that listing or even your whole account. The money from the sale will also be held by Amazon for up to 90 days or more while the dispute is being resolved. Suspension of an Amazon seller’s account or even a particular listing can be crippling for many.

You can appeal the suspension of your account or listing if it has been suspended because of an infringement claim. You can seek assistance from an Amazon IP lawyer as a seller as well as a cost-effective means to navigate the appeal process. As well as helping sellers who discover that other sellers are infringing on their intellectual property rights, we also assist them in filing complaints with Amazon. Whatever your Amazon seller needs are, we are uniquely positioned to help.



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