Florida State Senator in Heated, Public Child Custody Battle with Soon-to-be Ex-Wife

by | Oct 27, 2015

The child custody battle between Florida State Senator, Joseph Abruzzo, and his estranged wife, Brandy, is playing out in the public eye. The couple’s dirty laundry has been aired on social media and in a recent article in the The Palm Beach Post. At the crux of the dispute is Brandy claiming her husband violated their child custody agreement after his failure to return their seven-month-old son from a recent visit.

Senator Abruzzo, 34-year-old Democrat representing District 25 in Palm Beach, recently filed for divorce from Brandy, citing irreconcilable differences. He also filed a motion for full custody of their son, declaring that his wife agreed he could keep the child through a series of text messages. However, Brandy, a former online model, insists those texts did not state she wanted to give her ex full custody.

In an attempt to persuade Abruzzo to return their son, Brandy filed a motion in court, but was denied by Palm Beach County Senior Circuit Judge Edward Garrison.

The dispute made its way to social media when Brandy shared very risque photos of the senator on her Facebook page with image captions that accuse her ex of abusing women and having a pornography addiction.

Abruzzo asked the court to conduct a psychological evaluation of Brandy. He claims that his estranged wife attempted suicide by taking pills and that she puts their son in danger by exposing him to cigarette smoke.

The senator told the The Palm Beach Post that he wants to come to some sort of child custody agreement with his ex. Seeing how public this divorce and child custody dispute has played out thus far, there is a good chance the senator’s constituents will be the first ones to know what happens next.

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