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During a divorce, one of the most contentious processes is likely to be the division of assets. Although this is often challenging, taking the time to understand how different factors may affect the assignment of assets can be helpful. The circumstances surrounding each divorce are different, so there are unique determinants that must be considered for each couple.

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Factors Affecting the Division of Assets in Florida

When making a decision about the division of assets, a court or mediator will consider many factors. Each spouse is assumed to have contributed equally to the marriage until proven otherwise. The factors that have the most effect on the way a couple’s property will be divided include:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The income of each spouse, or the amount they are able to contribute to the couple’s finances
  • The amount each spouse contributed to the education of the other
  • The desirability of each asset and its worth
  • The economic situation of each spouse after the separation
  • Contribution of each spouse to the maintenance or well being of the assets

These are not the only factors that a divorce court may consider, but they offer a starting point for many couples attempting to find a reasonable way to divide their property.

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