Paternity Test Attorney

At Klein Law Group, we respect the importance of paternity tests in determining parenthood. Whether you are a mother who has not been receiving the child-support payments she is owed, or are someone interested in proving that you are not the genetic father of a child, we may be able to help you.

Our paternity test lawyers are respected for their understanding and their discretion. We are dedicated to working with our clients to pursue their related needs, and we have experience handling many such cases. To discuss your needs with us in detail and learn more about what we may be able to do to help, please contact us today by calling 561-367-5166.

How We Can Help with Paternity Tests

We pride ourselves on our highly professional and deeply committed relationships with our clients and our dedication to meeting their needs. Our attorneys in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach know what it takes to help our clients. We have particular experience:

  • Helping mothers get the financial security their children deserve. You should not be left supporting a child alone when someone else may be legally obligated to help.
  • Proving or disproving a man’s paternity status. We understand the unique challenges of men who have been in this position.

Whatever your particular paternity-test needs may be, we would like to discuss your case with you in more detail.

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If you or someone you love is concerned about a paternity test, we may be able to help. To talk to one of our compassionate lawyers, please contact us today by calling 561-367-5166.