Domestic Violence Attorney

Experiencing the trauma of abuse can be physically and emotionally painful, but when the victim is attacked by a member of their own family, the devastation can be especially horrific. Domestic violence is a crime that can leave a lifelong impact on the victim and can seem like an inescapable pattern of abuse, however there are many things you can do to ensure that you and any other victims can stay safe and hold the abuser liable for their actions.

If you or someone you love has been abused at the hands of a family member, there are actions you can take to prevent any future attacks. Contact the attorneys at Klein Law Group at 561-367-5166 to speak to an experienced lawyer about your rights to legal action against the responsible party.

Types of Domestic Violence in Florida

There are many forms of domestic violence, although they all incur severe consequences such as fines, probation, court ordered counseling services, and jail time. The experienced attorneys of Klein Law Group have years of experience handling domestic violence divorce cases that include:

Domestic violence is a serious offense that can carry heavy emotional, psychological, and physical consequences for the victim.

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If you have been abused by a family member, contact the attorneys at Klein Law Group at 561-367-5166 to speak to a knowledgeable legal representative about your case today.