Domestic Assault and Battery Lawyers

A family dealing with the horrors of domestic violence may face daily threats and mistreatment that can eventually push victims to seek out solutions which will allow them to escape this horrific situation. In many cases there are legal measures available to assist in putting an end to this ongoing danger. A person suffering injuries and emotional torture due to a violent spouse or family member may be able to find protection through restraining orders or other means.

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Legal Options for Domestic Violence Protection

It can be difficult for anyone in an abusive relationship or part of an abusive family to imagine being permanently free of the terror they know too well. However, this is possible through the proper legal channels. Some of the following options may be available:

  • Restraining orders
  • Military protective orders
  • Compensation for injuries
  • Modifications to custody arrangements

These steps can help a person draw a legally enforceable line between them and their abuser. If their abuser breaks these protective orders, that individual can face very serious civil and criminal penalties.

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