Increasing Child Support Attorneys

One important way to help ensure that children are provided for in the aftermath of a divorce is the assignment of child support payments. These payments are intended to guarantee that both parents will continue to financially support the children until the age of 18, and are meant to reflect the income of each parent according to their situation when the couple files for divorce. But when the financial situation of one parent subsequently changes, it can have an effect on the amount that should be paid in child support.

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Factors that May Warrant a Child Support Increase

Child support payments are designed to support a child’s basic needs and ensure that a similar standard of living is continued after a divorce. As a result, the amount of  payments is largely based on the needs of the child. Some of the reasons for receiving an increase in child support payments include:

  • The child develops a serious medical condition that requires costly treatment
  • A substantial increase in the income of the non-custodial parent
  • A substantial decrease in the income of the custodial parent
  • A change in custody

Child support payments are a vital part of making sure that your kids get the help they need to have a happy, healthy life. If an increase in payments is warranted, it is important that you discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

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