Decreasing Child Support Attorney

Divorce presents many complex issues that must be worked out before the final paperwork is approved, but because it is impossible to know what sort of financial situations may present themselves in the future, the decisions about child support payments will be based on current economic standing. For many people, this situation can change and payments may need to be modified appropriately.

If you are in need of an adjustment to your child support payments, there are steps you can take to help reduce the pressure of this type of support while you work through your financial challenges. Contact the attorneys of Klein Law Group at 561-367-5166 to discuss your options with a member of our experienced legal team today.

Reasons for Child Support Reduction

Supporting parents that are interested in making a change to their payments must prove to the court that they have a legitimate reason for requesting the modification. Some of the reasons a court may approve a decrease in child support payments include:

  • The child in question becoming emancipated
  • The supporting parent unexpectedly losing his or her job or becoming financially unstable
  • The custodial parent experiencing a significant increase in income
  • The supporting parent becoming sick or experiencing a change in health that may affect his or her ability to work

In the current economic environment, it is possible for one’s financial situation to change quickly. If this occurs, it may affect multiple aspects of that person’s life, including the ability to make child support payments.

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