Child Support Enforcement Attorney

During a divorce, one of the parents is commonly granted primary custody of the children. The other may be required to pay child support to the custodial parent in an effort to assure that both parents play an equal role in supporting their children. The terms are typically established as part of a divorce settlement or by order of the court and they are to be strictly enforced. Discrepancies in payment can result in legal repercussions for a parent who fails to abide by the agreement.

If you are struggling to support your children because your former spouse has failed to make child support payments pursuant to your arrangements, you may be able to take legal action to secure the monies owed. Contact the Boca Raton child support enforcement attorneys of Klein Law Group, at 561-367-5166 to speak to a member of our team about your rights today.

Enforcing Child Support Agreements

The first step that can be taken in order to enforce support agreements when your ex-spouse has lapsed is to send a written reminder. Many times, this is the only step that needs to be taken. If your former spouse pays the child support that is due upon receipt of the letter, no further action needs to be taken.

If a written reminder does not cause your former spouse to pay child support, as the custodial parent, you should contact the Florida Department of Revenue to begin the furthered legal process. The professionals at this agency will help you to take action against the negligence of your former spouse. This process can be confusing and legally complex, so the advice or representation of a passionately committed family attorney may prove especially valuable.

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