Modification to Visitation Agreement

There are many factors that are considered before a divorce court or mediator makes a decision regarding child visitation rights. Visitation agreements are arranged for families that require a predetermined arrangement. Once these are assigned, they can be difficult to alter unless the circumstances surrounding the family members changes. However, with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you may be able to petition for a change to your agreement.

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Visitation Agreement Factors in Florida

The situation of a family at the time of divorce is the only information that can be used to make a judgment about what is best for the child. In most cases, each parent would like to have rights to visitation and custody, but the parent who is judged to be best equipped to offer the child a comfortable lifestyle will be given primary custody. The factors that affect an agreement typically include:

  • An intent to move large distances
  • A criminal record or criminal charges
  • Financial stability
  • Failure to adhere to any previous legal arrangements
  • Disability

Any changes to your situation that have taken place since the divorce may be considered when requesting a change to your visitation agreement. Consult a legal professional for more information.

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