Temporary Alimony Lawyers

One of the most difficult issues in a divorce is deciding how to split assets, such as property division and income, between you and your spouse. When there is a large income disparity between the two spouses, alimony may be included as part of a divorce settlement or ruling. Alimony, also known as maintenance or marital support, is financial assistance that one spouse pays to another during and / or after a divorce to help provide for his or her living needs.

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Florida Temporary Alimony

One type of alimony that may be included in a divorce is temporary alimony. Temporary alimony is generally used to provide financial support to a spouse without income or with limited financial means. Some key aspects of temporary alimony include:

  • Financial assistance throughout the divorce process
  • Agreement includes an established termination date
  • Helps pay for major bills and necessities
  • Can be decided through a divorce settlement or by the court
  • Must be fulfilled as specified in the court order to avoid penalty

The financial aspect of a divorce can be the most contentious, especially if a divorcing couple is not on speaking terms. One spouse may refuse to provide the other with any type of alimony, even temporary assistance during a divorce. When an agreement cannot be reached outside of court in a settlement, it may be necessary to take your case to court to receive a legal decision and court order.

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