Decreasing Alimony Lawyer

Decisions regarding alimony are made soon after the couple files for divorce, and are based on the financial circumstances of the couple at the time when they decide to separate. In the years following a divorce, the situation of each spouse may change dramatically enough to encourage the supporting spouse to request a decrease in the alimony payments.

If you feel that you are eligible for a modification to alimony payments, contact the Boca Raton decreasing alimony attorneys of Klein Law Group, at 561-367-5166 to speak to an experienced legal representative about your case.

Reasons for Decreasing Alimony

For any modifications to alimony payments, there must be a significant change in circumstance of one or both spouses. Without a legitimate reason, there will be no change made to a permanent alimony assignment. Alimony can be reduced if:

  • The supporting spouse loses their source of income unexpectedly
  • The supporting spouse becomes ill or unable to work for a period of time
  • The supported spouse experiences a substantial increase in income
  • The supported spouse begins cohabitating with someone else

Divorce is a complicated process and does not necessarily end when the papers are filed. There are a number of things that can come up and cause the former spouses to reopen their discussions about their various agreements.

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If you feel that you are entitled to a decrease in your alimony payments, contact the decreasing alimony lawyers of Klein Law Group, at 561-367-5166 to discuss your circumstances with a skilled and experienced attorney.