Modifying Alimony Attorney

The assignment of alimony by a divorce court is, in most cases, a permanent fixture.  Many people believe that once an alimony agreement is finalized, there is nothing other than remarriage or death that can alter this agreement. This, however, is untrue. There are certain other situations which may allow for the modification of alimony payments after a divorce.

If you are providing or receiving payments and your situation has recently changed and you believe that your alimony agreement needs to be adjusted, please contact the Boca Raton modifying lawyers of Klein Law Group, at 561-367-5166 to discuss your options for adjustments today.

Modification to Alimony Agreements

Most of the allowed changes to an alimony agreement are the result of an unexpected change in the financial situation of the supporting spouse or the cost of living for the supported spouse.  After a motion is filed for a change in alimony, the situation will be reviewed and two outcomes are likely to occur:

Alimony will not be modified for the supporting spouse because of early retirement, quitting a job, or getting purposefully fired from a job. Similarly, alimony will not be modified for any reasons outside of necessity for the supported spouse.

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The paperwork and technicalities of divorce agreements can be extremely difficult to understand without experienced assistance.  If you think that your circumstances make you eligible for a modification to your agreement, contact the legal team at Klein Law Group, at 561-367-5166 to speak to one of our experienced lawyers.