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Are you looking

to either build, or advance, your legal career at a firm that will value you as a team member, support you in achieving your wildest successes, champion your wins, reward you financially, provide work-life balance, and give you opportunities for advancement?

Are you a compassionate professional who has an innate drive to help people as they navigate some of the most challenging changes they will face in their lives, like a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or paternity dispute?

Do you want to work for a firm with integrity, that holds strong values and has a solid reputation in the South Florida legal community?

Do you value both teamwork and autonomy, and want a career that will give you the benefits of both?

Klein Law Group may be the ideal place for you! We are continually looking for new talent to join our team, including attorneys, paralegals, and administrative professionals. We hope you will consider exploring your career options at Klein Law Group.

About Us

Klein Law Group is a boutique law firm located in Boca Raton, Florida that serves clients in South Florida. For more than 25 years we have prided ourselves on our highly knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate service to our clients as they navigate some of the most challenging changes in their lives. We specialize in six areas of practice, including divorce, family law, bankruptcy, real estate law, defamation, and Amazon seller IP

Whether our client is pursuing a divorce, filing bankruptcy, striving to rebuild their credit, fighting for paternity of a child, or defending a foreclosure, our team is there to aggressively advocate, patiently educate and assist every step of the way. Our clients’ positive reviews and rapid client growth are a testament to the value we’ve brought to their lives, and the respect we’ve earned in the South Florida legal communities.

Eric N. Klein is the Principal Attorney and President of Klein Law Group. He has spent more than 25 years practicing law and has carefully crafted a talented team to support the firm’s vision to be South Florida’s premier legal services provider. His highly respected three-associate core, which includes Mariajose Rivera and Kunal A. Mirchandani, has more than 50 years of combined experience. Together, they have created a supportive working environment that promises to provide new team members with the mentorship and essential tools necessary to thrive and advance in their legal careers.

What We Promise:

Team Support  

At Klein Law Group you’ll be joining a powerful team. With more than 65 years of combined experience, Eric N. Klein and his highly respected associates have the expertise, experience, and passion to support you as you build, or advance, your legal career in South Florida. Our team believes in mentoring and educating our members to achieve their greatest career successes. You will not be a cog in the machine. You will be a valued and essential member of a carefully-crafted team.

    Advancement Opportunities & Earning Potential

    Our team has received tremendous reviews from our clients, has a prestigious track record, and has well-earned the respect of the South Florida legal community. This has positioned us for rapid client growth. As our client base grows, your earning potential does as well. We offer a combination of guaranteed base salary and bonuses. And, with a close-knit legal team, your opportunities for professional development and career advancement are likely. We also offer tuition reimbursement so you can advance your education alongside your professional career. 

    A Competitive Benefits Package 

    We recognize that talented people are attracted to companies that provide competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and outstanding advancement opportunities. For this reason, we offer a Comprehensive Benefits Package that includes:

    • A SIMPLE IRA with 3% company match
    • Paid time-off
    • Pay-for-performance
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Flexible schedules
    • Autonomy
    • A pet-friendly environment
    • Health insurance reimbursement

    A Firm With Strong Values

    We strongly believe that commercial success can be achieved in a manner consistent with ethical principles and ideals that bind us together as one company, that set us apart from our competitors, and that in the end, will allow us to say we have succeeded by doing the right thing, the right way. Our Guiding Principles include: commitment, ownership, integrity, excellence, communication, success, education, team work, consistency, atmosphere, and recognition. Read more about our Guiding Principles here.

    Pleasant Work Environment

    Our office in Boca Raton is a serene, personable environment with a modern aesthetic, comfortable furnishings, natural light, picturesque views, and a pets-welcome policy. Both you and our clients are set up to be focused and relaxed as you expertly guide your clients through stressful changes in their lives. 

    Work-Life Balance

    While we at Klein Law Group have an astounding work ethic and are tirelessly committed to aggressively pursuing our client’s best legal interests, we also recognize that our team members have to be at their top performance level to provide clients with their A-game. We allow for autonomy in your schedule so that you can seek the most optimal work-life balance while maintaining your 100 percent commitment to your clients’ needs. 


    At Klein Law Group we celebrate your wins and the wins of our clients. We champion your successes and consistently honor our team members for doing things right. We want you to feel valued for the asset you are to our firm.

    Join Our Team!

    Our team members feel proud to work for Klein Law Group and feel confident that their clients have made the right choice by hiring us. We are continually looking to add talent to our team. Feel free to reach out to us at any time, or see our open opportunities below.

    Open Opportunities:

    Family Law Associate  | We are immediately looking to hire a Family Law Associate to join our core team. This is an incredible opportunity you don’t want to miss.

    Paralegal | We are immediately looking to hire a sharp paralegal/legal assistant to support our accomplished attorneys in case preparations, client communications, office management, and organization.

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